About the 490 Crusade

The 490 Crusade began several years ago. When God spoke to Evangelist Dionne about preaching the gospel. She noticed that there was not many events where ‘The Gospel of Jesus Christ was being preached and magnified.

Dionne always looked up to Dr. Billy Graham and Kathryn Kuhlman as evangelistic role models, and the working of miracles of healing. She serves as the First Lady of her husband Pastor John Johnson’s Church No Excuses Ministries, and they together allow God to use their gifts to win souls and love people.

We Love People

The scripture clearly states that how can we say that we love God and don’t love our brethren. This truly isn’t possible. Even though the call may be hard, Evangelist Dee has a philosophy that she has the ‘easy’ job while her husband, Pastor John John has the hard one. ‘All I have to do is be obedient and say what God says to the people and pray for them, but Pastor John has to hear from God to help the people grow for the rest of their lives.” No matter how hard the task, the team is up to it!

Evangelist Dionne is gifted by God to preach soul saving messages, lay hands on the sick, deliverance ministry and prophecy. God has given her the gifts of healing, word of wisdom, and deliverance and prayer, not that she may boast, but that people may be healed, delivered and set free by God’s power. Evangelist Dionne Johnson is simply a vessel. She knows and believes in and of herself, she doesn’t have a ounce of power, but when totally yielded to the power of God, she is able to be used mightily by Him.

This is why we know and believe, whether it is a healing service, prayer service, street evangelism, conference, or crusade, God’s power and presence will be there to help heal, deliver and set the captive free.

Evangelist Dionne is married to John Johnson, Jr. and has 4 beautiful girls. She has suffered some illnesses in her body, but stands on the truth of God’s word that by His stripes she is healed and made whole.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to everywhere He allows us.

We will do:

  • Prayer Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Healing Conferences
  • Evangelical Crusades

Through these methods and many more, we plan to reach the lost, sick, frustrated, and broken. We know and we are patient in our call and know that God will do exactly what He said He will do. If you have any Prayer Requests, please don’t hesitate to submit the form and call us.

Prayer Requests

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